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If you would like more information from KS Logistics regarding your domestic shipping, or if you have a question about an existing shipment, please contact KS Logistics Management Office by telephone, fax or email.


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Jl. Kemukus No. 37

Jakarta Barat - 11110 Indonesia.

Tel: +6221 6983 9035

Fax: +6221 691 8127


32 Years of Dedication!


We have 32 years of experience in Logistics Distribution. We are motivated and inspired every day to offer you an efficient cargo supply chain option that will enable you to remain focused on your core business.

Highly Secured Facilities


Our warehouses are secured 24 hours a day with CCTV surveillance & security personnel

GPS Tracking


KS Logistics vehicles are equipped with GPS device that allows you to monitor your goods in a real time from KS logistics website for 24 hours access. GPS car trackers let you know the exact location of your goods. You can easily monitor in real time about the estimation of the goods’ arrival and drop-off point.

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Jl. Kemukus 37 Jakarta Barat - 11110

P. +6221 6983 9035 F. +6221 691 8127

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